Thursday, June 18, 2015

speaker designs and audiophile blah blah

the enormous question "can you be chill about its not the best and its not perfect?" has been echoing around in my head lately. this might not sound like an earth-shattering, humongous philosophical mountain to climb, but i feel its the cornerstone of all audiophile concerns and goals.

a lot of my feelings about high-quality music playback center around it not being perfect: "ooh, i can hear that it booms a little around 100hz" or "aargh, those sibilants sizzle a little too much".. and that type of thinking drives me fucking crazy.

even listening to my favorite, desert island records, i get those nagging thoughts. records that i love even when theyre playing off youtube on my phone while im doing dishes. maybe i love those records MORE off my phone or through some bunk-ass computer speakers. just because its out of my control: i didnt build that phone, i didnt design those laptop speakers. but when the music is coming out of my big main system, then the flaws are my fault. if i'd gotten different drivers, or positioned them better or spent more money on an amplifier or ..or..or..
these thoughts hurt my enjoyment of music. my overwhelming doubt and second-guessing gives me such an anxiety surge that it overshadows the music im listening to.

and i think my thesis here is that my time would be better spent training myself just not to worry about it, than it would be buying new speakers or parts or fussing with it at all.

i recently changed jobs and now have a lot more time to tinker around in my workshop/office on little speaker projects. so this is kind of a warning shot. lets focus more on the philosophical side of high fidelity music-playback, lets focus some on building an above average system for a below average amount of money, and lets focus less on what stereophile says about million-dollar systems we could never afford.

more to come i think.

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