Friday, June 06, 2014

Yamaha NS-6490 Great Sounding 3-Way Bookshelf Speakers

heres some info scraped from b&h:
woofer: 8" high-compliance, silver metal-like, long-throw cone woofer with cloth surround and inverted cover.
mid: 4" ferro-fluid cooled, silver metal-like cone midrange driver with inverted dust cover.
tweet: 7/8" ferro-fluid cooled balanced dome tweeter.
frequency response: 45hz-23khz
sensitivity: 90db
power handling: 70-140w
magnetically shielded

currently, i am running these at very low power (like less than 10 watts per channel), and they are behaving very nicely. i presume if you fed a full 70wpc to them, they would be unimaginably loud. or distorted. or tear themselves apart.

ran thru some classic test-out tracks and these speakers really knocked my socks off.

handled stand-up plucks with no sweat, and conquered that art blakey "moanin" close-up lip/reed-squeal/sputtering which is lost on lesser speakers. my notes read "believable trumpets"

put on biggie's "ready to die" and they grabbed-hold of the lowest 808 kicks and didnt make me wish for a subwoofer. (interesting note: some reviews mention lack of bass, and others, overwhelming bass. neither is the case, far as i can tell)

muddy waters "folk singer" fared pretty well. less dynamic than im used to, but the crescendo at the end of country boy still made me clap like an excited child, so thats saying something!

mozart's requiem and that new st vincent record were positively slamming.

im not trying to say that these are some audiophile miracle speakers, cause they're really not. but they are absolutely the definition of bang-for-your-buck and would be very comfortable in your home-stereo or home-theatre setup. these speakers are terrific and massively impressive, and to my ears, sound better than the 6-times-more-expensive-yet-still-boomy-and-muddy yamaha HS8 studio monitors.

they are like-new and have very low hours. fabric grills are included. they have lived all of their lives in a smoke-free environment, (but pick em up quick cause im smokin next to 'em now as i write this!)

i am [slightly] flexible on the price and also open to trades. (decent quality midi controllers that have mpc pads, anyone? a large-scale smoker made out of 55 gallon oil drums?)

please note: i'm hardly ever able to answer phone calls, so text and email are preferred. but also, if you do call, make sure to leave a voicemail. thanks!

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