Wednesday, May 14, 2014

reasons to get digital camera

populate blog with actual photographs.
other peoples iphone/facebook pics make me look angrier/drunker than i really am. (if control means of documentation also control level of face-fury expressed on social media)
if start etsy account, show visually what objects are for sale.
food will look less like puke.
document speaker design progress.
document shows/events.
document sewing projects and costumes.
no phone pics because tacky and refusal to pay bill.
never use video cameras to full potential, will still-camera be different? (maybe because it is for more specialized, non-creative use. strict documentation is not expression)
point-n-shoot that suits needs only 50 on craigslist.
can make short films that are slideshow with narration on top. ken burns effect.
example of me appearing to be angry on facebook when actually quite happy an excited:

shouts out to kevin and gold house media for the pic.

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