Sunday, February 04, 2007


they finally caught me.
i spent a few hours in the grosse pointe park holding cell.
suspended license.
wasnt so bad, i cracked a few jokes, was allowed to use my cell phone, and played a short game of charades with the cop on the other side of the black glass mirror. i dont know if the cop ever wound up guessing the phrase in charades. also they never found my lighter in my pocket, but i choose not to burn down my holding cell. more importantly, they never found the open bottle of cabernet in my car.
thank you so much ed. :)
another few hours in there and i might have changed my mind about lighting the place on fire.

in conclusion, jail is much better than a holding cell... in jail you get reading material, tv, and a slew of cell mates with great stories and most likely much worse problems then us suburbanites.

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